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Attorney Bixler W. Howland Announces Launch of New Website

Bixler W. Howland, a seasoned mediator/attorney, is pleased to announce the launch of his new website. The website’s straightforward design and structure are easy to navigate and simple to use. The new site features a 24/7 appointment setting scheduler, which will enable clients to conveniently book a mediation session on Mr. Howland’s calendar. The attorney currently offers four-hour and eight-hour mediation sessions.

Bixler W. Howland is an actively practicing attorney licensed to practice law in Indiana and Kentucky. He is also a civil mediator certified by the Indiana Mediation Registry. While there is no license required to be a mediator, Mr. Howland keeps his certification active and regularly attends continuing education. He seeks to always sharpen his skills to further his ability to assist parties in reaching resolutions in their disputes.

People often wonder, “What is mediation?” Mediation is a process in which parties attempt to resolve their dispute with the assistance of an impartial, third-party person who has been trained in dispute resolution. The process is typically an informal meeting held in the office of one of the attorneys representing a party or in a neutral site, such as the mediator’s office. Through mediation, clients can evaluate settlement possibilities without the pressure of a jury waiting in the courthouse. As a neutral party whose only interest is to help resolve a situation, Bixler W. Howland seeks to give the involved parties the opportunity to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their case.

Throughout his legal career, Bixler W. Howland has practiced a wide range of cases from personal injury and wrongful death cases to real estate issues and estate disputes. He has had the relatively rare experience of representing both plaintiffs and defendants in these matters. He has also litigated contract and commercial disputes, business-related issues, and probate matters. Because of his experience, Mr. Howland brings a singularly unique perspective to every case that he mediates.

Bixler W. Howland brings both compassion and determination to the table whether he is providing the services of a mediator or an attorney. A client recently wrote in a five-star review, “I have had to use Mr. Bixler Howland twice now, due to unfortunately being hit in two separate auto accidents. First let me say, to be able to actually talk and correspond with your lawyer means a lot. Most either refer you to their secretary or take weeks to respond. I have to say that in both of my cases, Mr. Howland was always available, more than ready to listen to my struggles, my frustrations that go along with an accident and answer any questions that I had. He was kind, compassionate, caring and very respectful and mindful of my situation. But he’s also a fighter! He will not back down and will do everything within his power to get you the money you deserve in your case. I highly, and I can’t stress that enough, recommend Mr. Howland…”

A practitioner of civil trial law since 1976, Bixler W. Howland is an experienced attorney and mediator licensed to practice law in Indiana and Kentucky. Mr. Howland handles the following mediation cases: personal injury, real estate disputes, contract disputes, wrongful death, professional liability, and probate disputes.


Visit the new website at For more information about mediation services, contact the office of Bixler W. Howland by email at or by phone at 1 (502) 582-3711.